Lumen Customer Care & Services

Travel companies are facing increased competition, from global providers and new entrants. That competition, from global providers and new entrants. That competitions limits your ability to raise prices to match cost increases

Customer Care

At Lumen Media we offer a unique combination: travel industry expertise and global business process outsourcing (BPO) experience.

Our team has long hands-on experience managing travel engagements.

From customer care strategies to administrative travel industry services, we have creative solutions to solve even your most complex problems.

  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Customer Service: We help clients make the the value connection with customers, via traditional and alternative support channels: phone, social media, chat and email.
  • Business Intelligence
  • Collections
  • Customer Relationship
  • Sales
  • Technical Report

Social Media

Social media have emerged as a powerful – and increasingly essential – channel for gauging consumer preferences and demands. Your company may have joined the social media revolution, but is struggling with what to do next. How do you turn random conversations into a focused strategy that improves customer satisfaction? We help enterprises plan, deploy and maintain effective social media strategies that integrate with CRM solutions. Partnering with industry leaders in Web 2.0 technology, marketing and knowledge management, we can help you harness the power of the social media landscape – and take your customer experience to the next level.

Fulfillment: Front-end customer interaction center services

  • Real-time order management
  • Automated payment processing
  • Advanced letter shop

Our print and mail room functionality, for example, provides quantifiable savings. And our centralized processing centers, electronic form redesign and management services can combine to streamline your operations, offering significant cost reductions.