About Us

Lumen Media

We are the team that focus on innovations

Who we are and what we do: We are young company based in Singapore and developing Internet projects with the most varied requirements for our customers around the Internet and related marketing activities.

As a specialized TYPO3 and GraphCool agency, we develop most Internet sites with state of the art technology and most powerful content management systems for professional websites. Considering intuitive use and usability rules based on the concept "Do not make me think", we ensure that the users of your website are quick and easy to handle.


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Dominic Garms - CTO


Dominic is a sportsinformatist with the self-defined emphasis in web programming. The main focus is Graphcool, TYPO3 or Meteor, depending on the requirements profile. In his spare time, however, he loves sport and nature, which he does not take after the end of his life.


Max Uhlig - CEO


Max is a graduate in business administration, consultant and online marketing specialist. He has studied international business in Germany and in the USA and has always had a tendency towards IT. After his work, he runs adventure sports such as surfing, paragliding or kite surfing.